Artist collaborations

... in the entire hotel drawings by the artist Gabriela Stellino can be seen:

She's a painter, media artist, and also known far beyond the Black Forest region for her fascinating Aquarelles and unusual film projects. Your humorous artistic traces can be found not only in your room, but already in the entrance area. Follow the friendly bellboy on a walk through the Hotel Bischofslinde!


... Photo exhibition by Telemach Wiesinger:

The photographer and experimental filmmaker,  Telemach Wiesinger,  works in an old fire station on the outskirts of Freiburg.  With his aged analog camera for "silent pictures" he has captured not only the faces of his birth city of Freiburg, but also the aspects of the sea and the colors of the sky. "We don't need to travel anywhere", he says. " You will find the things right in front of you. "

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  • Drawing by Gabriela Stellino